Meet Resident Intern Caroline Sarmiento!

My name is Caroline Sarmiento and I am 23 years old from Gainesville, FL (Go Gators!) I am currently a senior at UCF, majoring in Elementary Education. I love playing soccer as well as playing with my dog, Cinnamon. The past 6 years I have had been a part of the Alachua County School Board working at Camp Crystal Lake. Through the most amazing summer camp I have also had the honor and privilege to be a part of Lyrics for Life’s Camp Hazelnut, which allows pediatric cancer patients and their families to have a weekend getaway. I also have had the opportunity to volunteer for Hands to Love’s Hand Camp, where children with upper limb deficiencies get to do activities such as, climbing a 50-foot tower, shooting arrows, and kayaking all while adapting to their needs. Through all of these amazing programs, I found a love for teaching students and adapting to what each child needed. PedsAcademy is a mix of all that and more.

Getting the chance to be a Resident Intern has just been a remarkable experience! Interacting with students and their parents has just taught me so much about myself and the teaching that I am capable of. Through the use of STEM and robotics, I have seen an individualized plan come to life! Every morning getting to know new students and catering the lesson I have to their likes and interests increases the students’ engagement and has just left me in awe. This semester may be ending soon but I can for sure say that PedsAcademy will be wherever I go in the future! Thank you PedsAcademy for everything!


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