Meet Intern Ashley Sharpe!

My name is Ashley Sharpe. I am 25 year old senior at UCF who has always had a passion for teaching children. I am was born in Jamaica but grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida. Before moving to Orlando, I worked as an Assistant Teacher at the Mandel JCC in Palm Beach Gardens. It was there that I realized how much I enjoy helping children learn and grow each day. I moved to Orlando in August of 2017 to finish my degree in education. I was always sure this is what I wanted to do, because working with children has always been so rewarding to me. I loved seeing them everyday, I loved the look of pride on their faces when you’ve taught them something new. I love everything about being an educator.

When I heard about the opportunity to be apart of Peds Academy, I was immediately interested because I thought about how beneficial a program like this would be for children who need the support the most. My experience as intern at Peds Academy has taught me about how important it is for educators to adapt to the needs of each student. I believe every child is capable of learning and academic growth with the right support and flexibility from the teachers in their life. Peds Academy has instilled me with some unforgettable values and educational practices that I will always carry with me throughout my professional career. I am so grateful that I chose to go on this journey with all of the faculty members and my fellow interns.

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