Meet Intern Caly Griffin!

My name is Caly Griffin, and I am 21 years old from Naples, Florida. I am currently a senior at UCF majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Theatre. Outside of my internship, I have taken on multiple roles in the Burnett Honors College, as a TA, student assistant, and Peer Ambassador. Additionally, I have volunteered in both Seminole and Orange County Elementary Schools.

I initially decided to apply to this program because I saw that it was addressing the unique needs of a chronically underserved population of students. I was eager to bring education to a group of students who may not find it as easily accessible, and was excited to see what this experience would bring. Throughout my days spent at PedsAcademy, my heart has been touched by the many students I have had the opportunity to work with. I love how eager they are to learn; how their face lights up when they see we have brought another lesson, educational activity, or robot into their room; and how even the simplest educational success can completely rock their world. During this experience I have learned a wide variety of skills I can bring to any future teaching experience, even a traditional brick-and-mortar classroom. I have learned how to target lessons to a specific student’s needs, how to be flexible, and how to quickly build rapport with each and ever student I meet. This internship will certainly be something I will carry with me for the rest of my life, and teaching career.

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