Meet Intern Alexandria Ellis!

Hello my name is Alexandria Ellis and I am from Bradenton, FL. I am a senior studying Elementary Education at the University of Central Florida. I have had the desire to be a teacher since I was a little girl and I began to pursue this career path in high school. In high school I was a part of the Early Childhood Program and worked at a daycare. I was finally able to start teaching in a classroom environment during my current degree program in multiple elementary schools.

I decided to participate in PedsAcademy because I wanted to give back to children what they have given to me. I have found so much happiness and joy while working with children and I wanted to provide this same joy to children who do not have the most joyful reality. My experience has been rewarding in so many ways while working with patients. It has been an honor to provide an educational escape for these patients by giving them an opportunity to learn in a hospital setting. The smiles and laughs of the patients and parents has been enough of a reward for being a student teacher at PedsAcademy.

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