Meet Intern Amanda Grant!

My name is Amanda Grant and I’m 22 years old and a senior at the University of Central Florida. In my first years of college, I tutored some of my classmates from my mathematics courses. They expressed their admiration for my method of explaining concepts to them. Mathematics being my best (and favorite) subject, I was thrilled by their praises. My classmates encouraged me to consider the education track, where I happily remain.

During my time at Broward College, my Intro to Teaching professor pushed her students to become substitute teachers as soon as possible. This advice was critical to my growth as an educator. As a substitute teacher, I’ve been exposed to different grade levels, teaching styles, classroom arrangement, and varying degrees of school funding. I had interactions with colleagues and children that have molded me into the teacher I am today.

Every day here at PedsAcademy, I see myself and my peers learning and growing as educators. In a rapidly changing environment, I have become more flexible, creative and a better communicator. Seeing the joy that we can bring to these children and their eyes light up with wonder has been the most fulfilling experience of my teaching career. I am forever grateful for my semester at Nemours Children’s Hospital and I look forward to seeing the program flourish in the coming years!

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