Meet Graduate Student Researcher Dan Edelen!

Hello, my name is Daniel Edelen. I recently completed my Master’s in K-8 Mathematics and Science Education. I will begin a doctorate in elementary education in January of 2019. Before moving to Orlando, I was an elementary school teacher in rural Kentucky. I have taught grades second to fifth. I have always believed that each and every child has the right to a rich and equitable education experience. Schooling is important for the growth and development of all children, which is why I am elated to be able to offer educational experiences to students at Nemours Children’s Hospital.

Cultivating passionate learners, has been at the forefront of my teaching journey. The teaching and learning occurring at PedsAcademy is nothing short of spectacular. As a teacher, it is always overwhelming to witness students overcoming insurmountable odds to learn and grow as persons. PedsAcademy instructors teach much more than fractions, coding, and sight words—they instill passion and wonder within the students.  In my time with PedsAcademy, it has become abundantly clear that my students have taught me a great deal about compassion, empathy, and humanity. I am grateful for the opportunity PedsAcademy has provided.

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